Whether your goal is to fly high, go long or simply float in the sky, our USHPA paragliding instructors will provide safe, fun and professional training.  No prerequisite except the will to fly! For experienced pilots, we offer P3 and P4 progression clinics, instructor apprenticeship training and advanced clinics for Ridge Soaring, XC & Thermal Flying, MinWings and SIV. Click on the button below for more info or to reserve your training.

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Speedflying is one of the newest and most fun sports in the world. It is the most versatile form of freeflight, period. With our professional USHPA Mini-Wing Instructors, it’s quite simple to learn and this is a suitable option for beginner pilots with some paragliding experience. Looking to swoop, barrel roll or proximity fly? We offer advanced training for experienced pilots from our world class instructors! Click on the link below for more info or to reserve your training.