Tandem Paragliding Flight $200.00

The most memorable form of human flight. Come hang out with us over 1000' above the Payette River! Our professional pilots will take care of you. We'll make it as crazy or as relaxing as you like from our air born lazyboys chairs. No experience required. We recommend sunset flights for the best tandem paragliding experience.

Save $80.00 with a Group Discount when you sign up with at least 4 friends or family members!

Paragliding / Mini Wing Pilot Training

Schedule Training for all paragliding and speed flying levels and certifications. We offer: Entry to Paragliding, Novice Training which includes P1, P2 & M1 ratings and Advanced Training which included P3, P4 & M2 ratings.

HSB Flight Park Membership

Every pilot is required to have a membership in order to fly at the park. If you're just passing thru for a couple days we offer per Day-Use memberships. If you plan to frequent the park, we recommend the Annual Membership.

All park related fees go directly back into the park for maintenance and associated expenses. Thank you for your support!

Shuttle Ride Token $8.00

If you want a shuttle ride to launch then its going to cost you 1 token! Pilots get priority but we will shuttle anyone to the top to explore. 3 slot minimum. (1 Token= 850’ Ridge, Upper Launch shuttles cost may vary ) Buy 10 or more tokens and save $$$